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About Me


My name is Robin and I have been addicted to the sport of agility since 2000 :).  I was introduced to the sport by my sister Pam who was taking classes at the time. I had seen agility on TV, but I never knew where to take lessons.  My first agility dog was a Labrador Retriever named Chimera, pictured to the right.  Chimera was a great dog.  She truly loved this sport.  Chimera started me on a wonderful journey from student to instructor to Judge!  We took classes and she excelled at the sport.  After one year of classes, we were competing and in less than 3 years  she earned her Agility Trial Championship (ATChC). We went on to compete at our first Regional and National Championships in 2004.  We did well finishing 4th in the Ontario Regionals and 9th in the Canadian Nationals.


Griffin (pictured below) came along in 2002.  Having more knowledge of the sport, I was able to take Griffin to a much higher level.   He competed in 3 National Championships finishing 5th, 4th and 5th.  Not only did he earn his ATChC, but he also completed his Lifetime Award of Excellence in 2010.

I became interested in judging shortly after becoming an instructor.  I enjoyed designing courses and watching my students bring them to life.  In 2008 the opportunity presented itself,  the Agility Association of Canada (AAC) opened its doors to allow new judges to be certified .  I attended a judge's clinic for Starters and Advanced levels and passed.  Two years later I became a Masters judge.  It's been fun traveling for judging assignments, making new friends and seeing agility in different locations.  I also enjoy my many many students and I'm so proud of their accomplishments...probably as much as my own!!


I continue to educate myself by attending classes and workshops, learning new ways to improve the agility experience for my students.  My dream is to be involved in this great sport for a very long time!


 ~Robin Robbs~                                                        


"Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success."

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